While showing horses we always had tack & saddles to sell & I (Linda) made show clothes & chaps to help finance the horse showing.  It was not a stretch for us to continue being involved with the horse business when we decided to get really serious about traveling & selling our goods.  It didn’t start out with boots, but it didn’t take long before our primary product to sell were custom designed boots.  With the experience that I had with making western clothing & designing & building western furniture it seemed like the thing to do to design our own boots. 

With a lot of hard work & blessings from God in a few short years we have become the largest Rios of Mercedes dealers in the world.  Combining Anderson Bean & Rios of Mercedes together we are the largest single store dealer in the company. 

     With an attitude of trying to run our business like an ole time business was run, we believe in the integrity of our word.  We are willing to do anything possible to take care of our customers & treat people the way that we would like to be treated.  We believe in what we do & give  100% of ourselves to our customers.