Rios of Mercedes 16 inch / Stock# 1655

Rios of Mercedes 16 inch / Stock# 1655


Black Shark with 16" Bellflower Tops - TK Toe - Leather Sole - Cowboy Underslung Heel. 

  • How to Care for Boots


    • Keep them clean!
      Regularly clean your boots with a good non-alkaline leather cleaner (like Lexol Leather Cleaner). Use a soft cloth and rinse with water. Do not use saddle soap. It will dry out the hide.  
    • Condition your boots.
      Boot leather needs to have its natural moisture restored often with a good conditioner (like Lexol in the brown bottle). Wax and polish is NOT a substitute for conditioner. Never condition boots prior to cleaning.
    • Keep boots away from direct heat.
      When your boots get wet, the best way to dry your boots is to walk them dry. They may also be air dried away from all heat sources. Do not put them in front of a heater or dry them with a hair drier or blow torch. (Yes, we said blow torch. You should see some of the things that we have been asked to fix.) 

    For Suede Finished Leathers:

    • Rinse all dirt and crud from the inside and outside of the boots with water out of a garden hose. Please do this outside.  City water is preferred over well water as it has a little chlorine to help kill the mold and mildew, however well water will work just fine for this step.
    • Wash the boots inside and out with a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and distilled water to kill the mold and mildew.  Do not rinse the 50/50 mix off the boots after applying.
    • Allow the boots to dry naturally, but out of direct sunlight or any heat source.  Dry them inside with Air Conditioning is recommended
    • Wash them with Ivory Bar Soap using a soft brush or rag.
    • Allow the boots to dry naturally, but out of direct sunlight or any heat source. We recommend drying them inside with Air Conditioning, if possible.

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